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Session 1
Session 1

As the Mask of Winters army continue to grow in strength, it became more apparent that we needed more information on the dark necromantic arts. In an attempt to build our knowledge, it was suggested that we recruit / hire a necromancer. Our sources had located what we thought was a suitable subject, so Blue, Subatai and myself took to the road to find said necro.

Our informants had provided just a general area of where the necro might be located. With some sorcery work from Blue, we quickly arrived to that area and proceeded to ask around for possible clues. We quickly learned of recent grave robberies, which we believed were linked to the necro we were seeking. With no further clues turning up, we decided to wait at a grave yard one night, just to see if the robbers returned.

We were not there for long, before two individuals approached with a wheel barrow. They proceeded to dig up a grave and right as they were about to remove the corpse, I sprung my attack. We quickly subdued the subjects, killing one by accident. With the subjects subdued, we returned to town, only to be confronted by the guards. We informed them that we had caught the grave robers and expected our reward. They took the prisoners and were going to contact us in the morning.

The guards worked over the prisoners and extracted the information we needed (the location of the necro). He was located in a Shadowlands, several miles out of town. We quickly headed out. It didn’t take long to locate the necros base of operation. As we approached though, we set off a zombie trap, in which 100+ zombies rose up and started to attack us. Blue made quick work of them with his Obsidian Butterflies. As more approached, the resident necro came out and called off the attack, being quite upset that we had killed so many of this creations.

We quickly explained that we needed his services and offered him an unreasonable amount of money. He quickly agreed to help. Just as we were about to depart, an Abyssal shows up. We expect a fight, but it turns out that her and her entourage wanted to talk to the necro. The necro’s master’s master was stopping in for a quick visit. This old human master necro had to be close to 200 years old. He was recently made into an Abyssal and was working for Dark Waters.


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